Role-playing games. The rules of the sexual game!

Close your eyes and imagine a sexy waitress in a short dress or a flexible nurse who begins to treat you immensely. The beginning here is built on your secret fantasies, as well as on the planned role-play scenario.


Rules are the most interesting part of this topic, for example:


- When you start a role-playing game much earlier before sex, the effect of pleasure increases several times. On your day off, you can spend all day in order to enter the role and begin to enjoy unreal emotions.


- Keep the intrigue, wear costumes separately from each other.


- When you enter a role-playing game, you should know about its exit. If you are not sure that you are ready to start the game, then it is better not to start because you are teasing each other, and it may well be a desire to change your mind. Think about whether you need it, and strictly make a decision.


-You also need to approach the costume part in an orderly manner so that you don’t have to search in the process for replacing the pointer or gun.


- An interesting part is the character’s image. You must understand how to behave in order not to get out of a well-to-do role. The chosen dominant should remain a strong character until the exit from the game.


- Everything should be on the consent of both parties and on the mutual provision of pleasure, so that everything will stop if one of the partners become unpleasant and painful.

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