Testosterone is a male sex hormone that affects the development of the body, as well as the formation of sexual libido, fat burning and the growth of muscle and bone tissue. The level of testosterone depends on many factors: sleep, nutrition, lifestyle, and others.

Many men wonder how to raise testosterone levels.

There are five main ways you can increase your testosterone levels naturally.

1. Training in the gym.

Workout in the gym greatly increases testosterone production. Provided that the training will be quite intense

2. Minimizing stress.

With a strong stressful background, the body produces the hormone cortisol, which in turn almost completely blocks the production of testosterone, so try to minimize stress. Think of the good.

3. Proper nutrition.

Add more zinc to your meal, it is found in foods that are rich in protein: in meat, fish, dairy products and legumes.

Remove sugar from your diet. With high blood sugar, testosterone levels drop, and high sugar intake causes obesity, which in turn lowers testosterone.

4. More sex.

Sex should be regular, and abstinence from sex, on the contrary, only reduces the level of testosterone.

5. Good sleep.

Sleep plays a key role in increasing testosterone because, as you know, almost all testosterone is produced at night in the deep sleep phase.

When properly observed, all of the above, your testosterone level will skyrocket. And you will become a real male.

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