Escort girls are in almost every country, but not all countries prostitution is legal, but not about that. The very fact of buying love for money is interesting, for example, the number of men buying love from escort girls are estimated from 7 to 39 percent depending on the country and study.


In Istanbul, escort girls are also in great demand, there are already many so-called dating agencies of an intimate nature, that is, escort dating.

Escort agencies provide a so-called price list for their girls. In such agencies, they often conduct elections, which determine the types of girls cheap and elite.

Elite representatives are capable of almost anything if only the customer had enough money for it. In addition, it is divided into 2 elite categories: 1st elite for the provision of services, and 2nd in appearance.

However, there are still cheap escort girls, but finding a cheap escort girls does not mean that she will be attractive. Many people are faced with this problem because it is difficult to find a pretty girl for a small amount.


Most people spend the night time in love. Arriving after work, having managed to spend the main supply of strength and energy and having a tight dinner, the couple moves, or even “rolls over” to the bedroom. At this time of day, the body will most likely require rest from you after the working day. If you feel that your eyes are sticking together, and the thought pops up in your head that it is time to sleep already, then you should still give your body a rest. But at the same time, there are sex clubs that conduct parties exclusively at night. So for some people, sex in the dark is almost like a lifestyle.

In fact, people often do not pay attention to fatigue and continue to stay awake, thereby causing damage to their bodies. Moreover, such stubbornness and unwillingness to listen to your body will lead to the fact that in the morning you will feel “overwhelmed” and more likely tired than rested.

But what then to do? After all, sexual desire is present, but the body, it turns out, is not at all tuned. An excellent way out of their current situation is morning sex.


Morning sex vs night sex.

Sex in the morning has several advantages overnight. First, morning sex is a much more enjoyable way to wake up than a cup of coffee or tea. Well, and besides this, an unloved exercise is all an effective way to stir up the body after a night's sleep and put it into working condition. Morning sex, in addition to the pleasant sensations of intimacy with your partner, fully fulfills the functions of morning exercises, preparing and strengthening you for workdays. In addition, in the form of a bonus, you will receive a charge of positive and good mood, if not for the whole day, then for the most part of it unequivocally.


Like everything that exists in this world, morning sex has its drawbacks. Most often, in the morning you need to get ready for work. In this regard, the time for you will be a very valuable resource that can interfere with sex. No, it cannot be the reason sex will not happen. But if you look at your watch all the time and think, “Am I still late for work?” Then there will be no sex. Then it’s better not to start at all.


Another disadvantage is the lack of personal hygiene. Bad breath, unwashed face, “dented” appearance - all this takes place in the morning and in the eyes of your partner sexuality will not add to you. Nevertheless, we advise you to perform basic personal hygiene procedures before having sex - at least wash and brush your teeth. As a last resort, keep a glass of water with lemon juice and napkins near the bed. A compulsory item on the bedside table should be contraception.

In addition, some sexologists note the importance of matching biorhythms in partners. If it happens that one of the sexual partners is a “lark”, and the second is an “owl”, then the choice of time for sex is a very delicate moment. In other matters, if it suddenly happens that in the morning you wake up in bed with a girl with whom we agreed to leave at your home the day before, then you are unlikely to be bored here. Escort girls in Istanbul do not really bother about biorhythms and other nonsense - they just reaffirm their right to be called priestesses of love again and again.